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Ride Share Etiquette

Most carpoolers agree that the good company of their fellow travelers is a benefit to sharing rides. However, a little etiquette can keep your ride a happy one. 

  • Don't be Late: Chronically late riders cause frustration for everyone else. Establish a time schedule and stick to it.
  • No Stopping - Anytime!: This is not the time to stop at the grocery store or to pick up dry cleaning; it is a waste of time for your riders. Drive to and from your destination, and save your errands for lunch break or the weekend.
  • Have a Back Up Plan: This is especially important if you rely on one driver. Make sure you can find another way to your destination if your driver is sick or has an emergency.
  • The Little Things...: Little things can make a big difference. You will be in close proximity with others for an extended period of time during your commute. Do not overdo the perfume or cologne; make sure fellow travelers are not allergic to peanuts before eating them; do not travel if you are sick; etc. Use common sense and be respectful of others.

This page last updated on 5/28/2010.
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